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Julio Binda has been practicing Jiu Jitsu for over 11 years. Born in Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1981. He started practicing Jiu Jitsu when he was 19 years old with master Joao Eugenio Caxambu, leader of the team Jiu Jikan, with academies in three different states: Bahia, Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais.

Along the years, Julio Binda acquired experience as a team player and as a competitor, bringing home several prizes and awards. At the end of 2004, he graduated with a purple belt. In 2005, he moved to the United States, while he took a 3 year break of his training. In 2008, he began training again, participating in a few local teams.

Julio Binda is now part of Boston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, under the command of professor 5 degree black belt Roberto Maia, where Julio can share his knowledge and learn the new possibilities that Jiu Jitsu offers to individuals who practice it.

Today, Julio Binda is the head coach of the team JULIO BINDA BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU, a team that has been growing and developing at each training section and competition, always bringing home experience and conquests.

JULIO BINDA BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU passes along the martial arts knowledge to students.

If you are looking for physical conditioning, weight loss, flexibility, strenght, speed, patience, competition and fun, this is the right place for you.


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